A New Kind of Freedom

What convinced Johann to go to America?
The 450 acres of land and for his religious freedom he also wanted to see the new world.
How did he feel about the decision later?
He felt proud and happy because strangers looked surprised to see that he owned the lake. He also enjoyed going to Pennsylvania on market days to see the houses and go through the cobble stone streets. He loved sitting in his wagon watching the different nationalities of people talking French,German and Italian. The decision he made now gave him ideas of how to make more crops or more varities of fruit and vegetables.

Molly's dream

What dream does Molly have?
Molly's dream is to live in a small house at the edge of a village with a pond, ducks and geese.
She also plans to be a seamstress and wants to run a buisness like Mrs.Simmons.
What will Molly need to make her dream come true?
She will have to finish her contract with Mrs.Simmons, earn enough money to buy a store and continue to learn to sew and weave.


Many people move because of immigration. America was built up by immigration. Immigrants are people who settle in a place they don't come from or weren't born in. Some of the immigrants came form countries like Europe. Most people are Native in America. When people from other countries came to America there were African slaves they only became free after the civil war. Some people came to America because they were poor and were interested in the new land. When people got to America they realized they had more freedom than in their own countries. Over the next few hundred years more immigrants go t atracted to America and made teir families grow larger and larger. Illegal immigrants have become a large deal, people visit countries or move their have to be able to get an immigration before entering the country if they do not get their immigration it would become a LARGE problem. People in America say that everyone should build up their citizenship there. I think this is why people move.

Backround Information

Why do people move?
I think people move because their families get job opportunities, or they might have got kicked out of the country they live in. People sometimes move because they can't adjust to the place they live in or people get into large fights which causes people to leave their country. I think that it is more common for people to move because of their promotions in their life or fighting. People may move to other places in a city because the place they used to live in was to expensive so they moved to another neighborhood which was a bit cheaper. Back long ago in America some people lived in little pieces of land and they moved very frequently. I think these are some reasons for people to move but I know that there are so many more.